Alright, I wasn’t going to address this at all since I don’t really like talking negatively about my job here. I honestly like my job. I really do.

But both my manager and the owners (who are almost never here) are Republican. It doesn’t make me hold an instant grudge or anything, HOWEVER I don’t want to discuss politics with them (for obvious reasons). If possible, I prefer not to discuss politics or religion with anyone I don’t know well (especially at work), I feel it’s a little rude.

One of the owners came in the other day from a meeting regarding insurance changes. They were quite angry, saying the government shouldn’t be telling them what they had to cover. Now, I am lucky to not have to pay a premium for my insurance. My insurance isn’t bad, but it’s not awful.

But there is something wrong with you if you think it’s okay to cover Viagra, while I’m paying $80 a month for birth control out of pocket and paying the equivalent of two days of work for a single doctors visit.

I don’t think I’m “owed” insurance, but what I DO think I’m owed is enough pay to afford food, utilities, and rent which I’m not getting. At least if I have decent insurance, I won’t be bringing a child into the situation.

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