Tasha | 30

Knitting Pet Peeves

- When you ask how much it would be for me to knit you something, don’t make a face when you find out how much it is. I realize a pair of mittens cost $2 at Target. They’re also made out of acrylic yarn (aka plastic) and knit by a machine. I sell my handwarmers for $50 a pair, but I should charge more and here’s why. The yarn by itself NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING is $20. That leaves $30 profit. If it takes me 20 total hours to make them, that means I’m making $1.50 an hour. In addition, the handwarmers I make you should last for 5 years MINIMUM. I’d wager you’d get bored of the color first.

- “What are you crocheting? A sock?”

- “Ooh! You should make me a _____!” getting this from TOTAL STRANGERS is insulting. Knitting something takes a relatively long time and every stitch is knotted by HAND. If you receive a knitted gift from me, I must really like you.

- “You should teach me how to knit!” I taught myself from books and videos, you can, too.

- “If I buy the yarn, can you knit me ____?” no.