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Wow, really? No credit for the artist? Visit Bamboota’s page for more awesome shit.


I’m so excited to share this with you guys, the lovely indie make-up company Shiro Cosmetics has just released their new avengers line, and I’ve done the art for it! It was super fun working on these labels, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how this collection turned out.

Shiro’s fandom-inspired make up is all vegan and cruelty free, with beautiful colors that I’ve found to be high-intensity and long-wearing. I 100% recommend you check out the collection here!

Not shown here (because I ran out of pictures) is Black Widow lip gloss, a Chitauri eyeshadow, and a Galaga eyeshadow. Go to the link to see!

The Avengers Collection by Shiro Cosmetics (eyeshadows, a lip gloss, and a finishing powder)



Uh. See how it says ‘12 at the bottom? That isn’t 1912. Ed Siomacco drew this in 2012 based on the poster.

One last screenshot (even though no one cares lol).

Fixed the Nightwing icon because he wanted the time & weather on there. Made it point to his weather app when he touches it.

Roses are red,
The Hulk is green,
I’d totally smash you
(If you know what I mean)!

Early AM Voting! #riptagram



So I had many Clint/Natasha feels after the movie. Many, many of them.

So I started painting this, because of said feels and got carried away and hours and hours later, voila. I just… I want to build a whole new pre movie headcanon where they play spy, go on missions together, and collapse in bed at the end of the day, getting rid of the one billion weapons they’re carrying just to hold onto each other, quietly, skin to skin. So this what my mind came up with :)

Painted on photoshop. Not sure about some little details, but I’m just letting it go because of reasons. Hope you like it :)

Clint/Natasha | high school AU

(Source: peterquill)

At today, limited edition available for 24 hours only!


So, here is the Thor and Loki snuggle blanket! I can’t even believe how nice it turned out! Guh! The colors are so perfect and the blanket itself is super soft. I’m really pleased. I was pretty worried since I’d never printed a blanket before. I didn’t know if it would fade or bleed and get blurry or what.

Anyway, there’s their precious little faces!

p.s. I am a perfectionist, so i’m thinking about selling this blanket because I want to change a couple of things and then order another. It would be $40 + shipping, if you are interested email or message me!


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