The Avengers Collection by Shiro Cosmetics (eyeshadows, a lip gloss, and a finishing powder)

Working on Josh’s Christmas present! So close to finishing. :)

Making an Android layout for Josh’s phone. This boy is so lucky to have me. I found a few of these on a few different phones and I volunteered to make his completely from scratch with comic book characters he picked himself. It is a long long process.



So I had many Clint/Natasha feels after the movie. Many, many of them.

So I started painting this, because of said feels and got carried away and hours and hours later, voila. I just… I want to build a whole new pre movie headcanon where they play spy, go on missions together, and collapse in bed at the end of the day, getting rid of the one billion weapons they’re carrying just to hold onto each other, quietly, skin to skin. So this what my mind came up with :)

Painted on photoshop. Not sure about some little details, but I’m just letting it go because of reasons. Hope you like it :)

Clint/Natasha | high school AU

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The Avengers Poster Series

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