One last screenshot (even though no one cares lol).

Fixed the Nightwing icon because he wanted the time & weather on there. Made it point to his weather app when he touches it.

Making an Android layout for Josh’s phone. This boy is so lucky to have me. I found a few of these on a few different phones and I volunteered to make his completely from scratch with comic book characters he picked himself. It is a long long process.

Early AM Voting! #riptagram

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Rogers and Stark 2012 - Available today only at

Begging money off Josh for this, because LOOK HOW AWESOME! $10 + shipping today only.


The Avengers Poster Series

Created by Duke Dastardly

Joss Whedon confirmed as writer and director of 'Avengers 2'

OH MY GOD, I KNEW I KNEW HIM FROM SOMETHING ELSE. Also, just checked IMDB and he’s the guy at the end of the Sports Night series who’s about to buy the network! I’m like “babe, I know that guy!” and Josh goes “uh, yeah, he was in Thor and Captain America.” I knew that wasn’t it.

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