#gosling problems.

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Ryan Gosling in Mickey Mouse Club’s “Cry For You” [x]

With Justin Timberlake in the background. lol

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“I have no good reason to be taking ballet lessons. Everyone’s good except for me. There are these two seven year old girls who sit next me and do the bar work and they just look at me like they hate me.”

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Crazy Stupid Love | Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone

I have this movie downloaded, I really need to watch it.

I’m not sure how I felt about this movie. It wasn’t at all what I thought it was gonna be. Ryan Gosling was a badass, and it was really graphic. But I’m not sure if I liked it.

How many girls, do you think, could have been asked a direct question by Ryan Gosling himself, and didn’t notice it was him until 15 minutes later?

My guess is just one. My luck is the worst ever.

It was at work around a year ago. The overnight security guard mentioned that he had spoken to an actor for a couple of hours around 2 or 3 that morning (he told me this when I came in around 5). He said he couldn’t remember his name, but he asked the guy what he would know him from, and the actor said he was “the really country guy from Remember the Titans”, and I was like “uh… was it RYAN GOSLING?!” and he was like “YEAH! that’s what it was!” he said the guy was walking towards the elevator and the security guard and one of the overnight housemen were sitting there bullshitting in the lobby, and he walks up and goes “So what are you guys talking about?” and sat and chatted for awhile.

I cannot tell you how high my level of both excitement and anxiety were, I was watching the elevators all day like a HAWK, I HAD to see him.

I was in the middle of making someone’s drink. Now, the way my cafe is set up is, when someone’s at the counter in front of the register, I have my back to them while running the espresso machine and the gift shop is to my right. I hear a soft voice say, “Excuse me, is this the gift shop?” and I said yes without really looking. A tall guy walked out after a couple seconds without buying anything, I barely glanced. Then saw him 15 minutes later leaving. Ryan Gosling.

And I never got to profess my undying love. Son of a bitch. Will forever be a big regret in my life.

In other news, we saw Drive tonight and it was amazing. Go see it. Right now.

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