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“What? You think I want to be this person? I hurt you, Elena. I bit you. I hate myself for what I did to you.”

“There is something that I need to tell you, and it’s not because I feel guilty it happened, it’s because I feel guilty you don’t know, I kissed Damon.”

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Sometimes, I really cannot stand Elena.

Seriously, can Damon have NOTHING? He’s just destined to be fucked for eternity? Because THAT’S fair. And let me say before I stick the rest of this under a read-more that all your bullshit about “Oh, Stefan just wants to keep Damon SAFE” is ridiculous. FUCK THAT.

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Stefan annoys me.

It doesn’t matter if he’s being good or bad, he’s always fucking smug and pleased with himself.

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I think I’ll actually watch the Vampire Diaries premier live tonight instead of waiting to watch it off the DVR tomorrow. I just can’t wait.

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