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When no one laughs at your joke:


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If *NSync did a reunion tour, I would definitely give up my real life for months and follow them around the country just like I wanted to when I was 14.

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like, for real.

for actually.

we all love looking at hilarious pictures of paul ryan acting like a douche bag on this website, but if we don’t vote he’s gonna be VP and the joke’ll be on us.

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They wouldn’t even have to pay me to do this. In fact, I’d pay them to do this.

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when people ask you “What’s the name of that actor [blah blah vague description]” and you purposefully give it a 5 second pause and pretend to think it over because if you just shoot the answer at them they might get a little bit scared.

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what is it with fast food restaurants and taking stances on whether or not guys should stick their dicks up other guys butts why cant you just shut up and cook my burger

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I’m pretty sure I somehow skipped the young, carefree stage of life and went straight to being bitter and resentful.

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Come along, Pond. We have a team to assemble.

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Idolising an actor
How normal people do it: Put up posters and dream about them
How tumblr does it: Cry and shout at their existence
How David Tennant does it: Take over the character they play then marry their daughter
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