These are the bandanna blankets I made for my nieces and nephew up in Ohio. Such a pain! But totally worth it.

I did the purple one first. When you make a quilt, you have to make what they call a “sandwich” with the top fabric, the batting (the part that makes it warm, kind of flat stuffing) and the bottom fabric. Well, I sandwiched them, sewed all around the edge, trimmed the sides…. and realized I did it in the wrong order. So I had to unpick every stitch, re-order the layers, and sew it again. But I only did that on the first one (luckily).

I don’t have too much experience with embroidery but I thought it’d be really cool for their names to be on them. Nadra LOVED that part (poor girl probably can’t find anything with her name on it like her Aunt Tasha lol). Also, I didn’t know how much fabric I’d need for the back pieces, so I just bought a yard of thermal fabric for each one. After laying out the purple one, I realized they’d all be about a quarter yard short. I already had the smaller pieces of thermal for the pink and purple quilts, but I had to go back to the fabric store to get the blue thermal for the red quilt.

THEN, I had to tie them all together (basically, thread a few inches of thread on a needle and go through all three layers, then back out and tie in a knot every 6 inches or so so that the batting doesn’t get bunched up on the inside; actual quilts  are stitched instead of tied, but my machine isn’t very big). I think they came out really well.

edit: I forgot to mention that I also switched the girls’ blankets in their boxes on accident. I thought I tried SO HARD not to do that and did it anyway lol. But they switched and it was fine.

Baseball bracelet and bandanna bracelet I made for Josh ♥

Done! I used the 100% cotton batting for this one, and I wish I’d have used it for my beach quilt as well, because it feels so much nicer. Not as…. plastic-y I guess? I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out. It’s actually a little darker, the orange isn’t quite so neon in person. I wish I had a different backing fabric, but this is what I had to work with, and it was kind of at the last minute.

Making a bandanna quilt for Josh’s mom with Detroit Tigers colors for her wedding gift when he goes up to Michigan next week.

I finished my bandanna quilt! It’s just as awesome as I wanted it to be. Well, except it’s slightly shorter than I am. Just slightly. But I still love it like crazy. I’m pretty impressed with myself on this one, actually.

I started out with this tutorial, but with 6 instead of 4. And I tied many more ties in than the tutorial said to do.

I think I’d like to make one in blue, too, with navy, royal, and baby blues.

edit: click here to see the Detroit Tigers themed quilt I made for Josh’s mom for her wedding present!

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