This would totally freak me out but I feel the need to own one!

(via Doctor Who Weeping Angel amigurumi by twimoon on Etsy)


cyanotype print on handknits and crochet… now that’s an interesting thing to try.

“Most people are familiar with cyanotype without knowing it - in the form of the blue sunprint papers for kids. However, instead of buying pre-treated paper, you can buy the cyanotype sensitizer and use it to treat just about anything. The cyanotype image is formed when fabric that has been coated with the sensitizing solution is exposed to UV light (sunlight). Where the light penetrates to the sensitized surface, a dark blue permanent dye is formed, and where the light is blocked, the fabric stays its original color. So with the use of a negative (like an old black and white photographic negative), you can print any image or artwork. Fortunately, it’s easy to make digital negatives with a computer and inkjet printer.”

(via How-To: Cyanotype Print on Handknits and Crochet blog)


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