The UK gets the best book covers. I definitely just spent about an hour screenshotting these in pieces from the amazon UK site so I could switch my own covers on my ebooks in calibre. I’m actually pretty proud of my level of nerdiness.

30 Books for 2014 | 07.26

Four: A Divergent Collection by Veronica Roth | 21 of 30

True Struggles of Being Addicted to YA Books as an Adult   

Nothing has ever been more relevant to my life.

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Perfect casting is perfect.

"We’re in a world where masculinity, especially with these big spectacle movies, is often pushed by rippling six packs and forcing an image down someone’s throat trying to prove masculinity. Whereas I think true masculinity comes from having a strong sense of self. Part of what drew me to Four was his concept of masculinity, specifically in how he relates to Tris and their relationship. He’s intrigued by her but respectful of her bravery and her personality traits. It’s a mutual relationship rather than one based on her fawning for a man. Her being strong doesn’t emasculate him, and hopefully that’s pushing a more positive message about gender equality. It’s frustrating we still don’t see more movies featuring strong women. But it does seem like things are beginning to change with films like this and The Hunger Games."

Entertainment Weekly | March 7th, 2014


Finished my Divergent re-reads with a week to spare! Bring on Allegiant!

New Divergent Trilogy UK Covers


Official Divergent HQ Posters 

Divergent Set Pic | Entertainment Weekly (tablet exclusive)

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