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So I posted this a year ago, and now that the movie’s out, I thought it’d be cool to post it again.

This was last summer when they were filming “We’re the Millers”. It’s a couple blocks from my house on a random road with an old garage. I was on my way to work and it was set up like this with cop cars EVERYWHERE.

I now know it’s because this is where Jennifer Aniston shot her strip scene. Obviously, I didn’t get very close, but still kind of cool.

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I’ve decided to do 52 movies in 2013. I’ll probably watch lots more than that, but I’m stipulating that I’ll watch 52 movies I haven’t seen before for every week this year. Maybe it’ll be fun?

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52 movies for 2013 | 01.12

Ruby Sparks | 02 of 52

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52 movies for 2013 | 01.05

ParaNorman | 01 of 52

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jolly man

Little known fact: We filmed this scene backwards… I even said line backwards… “Nam ylloj, daed erouy.”

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Scott Pilgrim / Doctor Who mash up

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The Hunger Games was just as perfect as I thought it’d be.

Josh really liked it, too. It was almost exactly like the book with a few minor details left out. SO. GREAT.

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glimpses of tyler durden.

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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - Bloopers

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