ϟ Triwizard Cup


#She is fourteen and she knows. She feels it deep and visceral inside her and she KNOWS. But that’s Hermione, isn’t it? To perceive clearly that which others overlook… to always be ahead of the curve and smiling and those behind her. But nobody wants this - nobody wants to be sitting alone on the steps, waiting for everyone else. Nobody wants to be first in love. And it’s just, it’s - she did her hair. And she bought a dress and she had a good time and she tried to ignore looking at him out of the corner of her eye and she pushed it to the back of her mind until she couldn’t, and then it was ALL she could think about, because he fills up her mind like sand in an hourglass until it feels like she’s going to combust like a firecracker; but she holds it in because she’s got to, because nobody likes to be the first to say ‘i love you’, because she’ll wait until they burn together.

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