The Avengers Collection by Shiro Cosmetics (eyeshadows, a lip gloss, and a finishing powder)



A custom request I received for an “Arc Reactor” inspired ring. Set with Blue Topaz and Diamond Baguettes (for the eyes) in White Gold.

If you’d like custom designed jewelry done, drop me a line.

I need more money to throw at people.

Things are different now.

52 Movies for 2013 | 05.04

Iron Man 3 | 18 of 52




Iron Man 3 trailer.

For those who want to download it in HD.


OHHMMYYYYGOOODDD. friggin lad boner, goose bumps, chills, all of the above I CAN NOT wait for this movie!

It’s so weird that most of this was filmed in our little city. Everything looks so BIG.

Making an Android layout for Josh’s phone. This boy is so lucky to have me. I found a few of these on a few different phones and I volunteered to make his completely from scratch with comic book characters he picked himself. It is a long long process.

Early AM Voting! #riptagram



Rogers and Stark 2012 - Available today only at

Begging money off Josh for this, because LOOK HOW AWESOME! $10 + shipping today only.


The G.B.P.P. Club by RyanAstle - Sold on August 18th at

Click here for a larger view:


The Avengers Poster Series

Created by Duke Dastardly

Joss Whedon confirmed as writer and director of 'Avengers 2'

Little Tony Stark

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