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The Avengers Collection by Shiro Cosmetics (eyeshadows, a lip gloss, and a finishing powder)

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A custom request I received for an “Arc Reactor” inspired ring. Set with Blue Topaz and Diamond Baguettes (for the eyes) in White Gold.

If you’d like custom designed jewelry done, drop me a line. GinoArizmendi@artgemsjewelers.com

I need more money to throw at people.

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Things are different now.

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52 Movies for 2013 | 05.04

Iron Man 3 | 18 of 52

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Iron Man 3 trailer.

For those who want to download it in HD.


OHHMMYYYYGOOODDD. friggin lad boner, goose bumps, chills, all of the above I CAN NOT wait for this movie!

It’s so weird that most of this was filmed in our little city. Everything looks so BIG.

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Making an Android layout for Josh’s phone. This boy is so lucky to have me. I found a few of these on a few different phones and I volunteered to make his completely from scratch with comic book characters he picked himself. It is a long long process.

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Early AM Voting! #riptagram

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Rogers and Stark 2012 http://bit.ly/SCIShw - Available today only at www.riptapparel.com

Begging money off Josh for this, because LOOK HOW AWESOME! $10 + shipping today only.

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The G.B.P.P. Club by RyanAstle - Sold on August 18th at http://teefury.com

Click here for a larger view: http://bit.ly/Q9ACz2 http://on.fb.me/NOt3la

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The Avengers Poster Series

Created by Duke Dastardly

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Joss Whedon confirmed as writer and director of 'Avengers 2'

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Little Tony Stark