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Due to having my paycheck cut by approximately $240 a month, I’m pretty strapped for cash. Therefor, I’m offering up some knit stuff for sale. These are basically just examples, anything that’s discussed will be made to order just for you. Prices vary, but because of the handmade nature, they won’t be your run-of-the-mill $5 gloves from Target. I promise that the price will be worth it, though, and that your handmade item will last for a really long time, plus be much warmer than machine-knit junk you buy at a department store.

Here’s an example:

I charge $55 for the handwarmers in the 4th picture. The yarn I use to make them costs $20, plus about $5 shipping. Assuming it takes me a total of 10 hours to make them (if I knit quickly), I’m only paying myself $2.50 an hour (after taking out $5 to ship them to you).

A ravenclaw scarf (or whichever house) I’d probably charge around $60-$70 because it’s double knit (which means it’s double thickness, extra warm) and the one and only time I’ve made one, it took me a solid 2 weeks of almost constant knitting, probably about 30 hours. After yarn cost and shipping, I’m paying myself $1.25 an hour.

I can knit practically anything, just drop me a message and we can discuss. The thicker the yarn, the quicker it’ll be for me to make it, therefor the cheaper it’ll be.

Feel free to reblog or pass it along to anyone you may think would be interested!!