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Fire is Catching by Megan Lara

Buy the shirt or print at Redbubble! :D

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Also, I am wearing this t-shirt today because it will make me happier than wearing my nice work clothes. Also, my bright blue converse shoes.

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It’s a Doctor Who themed kinda day.

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Josh and I couldn’t decide which one each of us would get, so we both got both. As in, 4 t-shirts total.

We’re kind of nerdy.

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My “Do What You Dream” design is up for sale at http://www.theyetee.com tonight for $11!  On sale for two days (June 20/21)

I will give a free portrait for every 25 shares of my Facebook post!  See examples here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.335675333135721.69642.163227603713829&type=3 

To enter:

1. Like my page

2. Share the post on my page

3. Post a link to an image of you or a friend on that post. 

Make sure it’s a clear, large image with the face as the main focus. One person per photo. Please upload to an image-hosting site like imgur OR make it public on Facebook. Must share post to win. Photos posted anywhere other than on this post will not be eligible. IMAGES POSTED ANYWHERE BUT ON MY FB PAGE WILL NOT BE COUNTED. <3

TL;DR: Share post, post pic on FB, be entered to win. 

Definitely just bought this t-shirt.