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Ugh, this movie is going to be so amazing.

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So I posted this a year ago, and now that the movie’s out, I thought it’d be cool to post it again.

This was last summer when they were filming “We’re the Millers”. It’s a couple blocks from my house on a random road with an old garage. I was on my way to work and it was set up like this with cop cars EVERYWHERE.

I now know it’s because this is where Jennifer Aniston shot her strip scene. Obviously, I didn’t get very close, but still kind of cool.

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I checked in (via Get Glue) on Facebook that i was watching “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”. It looked funny, I felt like watching it.

First comment from a distant family member? “Are you trying to tell us something?”

Yes. You caught me. I’m announcing my pregnancy on Facebook with a secondary application by watching a movie.

It’s like it’s OFFENSIVE for me to be unmarried and without kids at 29. I wish everyone would leave me the hell alone about it. I’m not operating on anyone else’s agenda but my own. When I’m ready to get pregnant, i will. I don’t need your comments, or “jokes”, or suggestions. I don’t give a shit who else is pregnant or had kids already. All the girls you’re naming have already broken up or divorced the baby’s fathers. EXCUSE ME FOR WANTING TO BE READY BEFORE I HAVE A FUCKING CHILD.

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52 Movies for 2013 | 03.17

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone | 11 of 52

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52 Movies for 2013 | 03.10

Oz The Great and Powerful | 10 of 52

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52 Movies for 2013 | 03.02

Silver Linings Playbook | 09 of 52

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52 Movies for 2013 | 02.10

House at the End of the Street | 06 of 52

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The Hunger Games was just as perfect as I thought it’d be.

Josh really liked it, too. It was almost exactly like the book with a few minor details left out. SO. GREAT.

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I’m like the only one I know that didn’t see the Hunger Games at midnight.

I plan on going tomorrow afternoon because I’ve been so tired when I get home from work. Plus, it’s just gonna be madness tonight. Hopefully I won’t see any spoilers (I’ve read the book a few times though, I know how it ends obviously lol).