Had my nails done yesterday! Got talked into the “shellac” manicure, which is a UV gel that lasts a couple weeks by the soft-spoken Vietnamese girl. I misunderstood and thought she said it was $8 more than the standard manicure, but what she said was $28. Not really the same thing. They came out really pretty though!

Unfortunately, I have exactly zero pictures of me or Josh, but I think the bride had her photographer take at least a couple.


I finished my bandanna quilt! It’s just as awesome as I wanted it to be. Well, except it’s slightly shorter than I am. Just slightly. But I still love it like crazy. I’m pretty impressed with myself on this one, actually.

I started out with this tutorial, but with 6 instead of 4. And I tied many more ties in than the tutorial said to do.

I think I’d like to make one in blue, too, with navy, royal, and baby blues.

edit: click here to see the Detroit Tigers themed quilt I made for Josh’s mom for her wedding present!

On Wednesdays we wear pink!

Simple bag I made for my sister. I say “simple”, but it actually took me like 6 hours. She wanted black and pink striped fabric, which of course I couldn’t find. So I got pink and black duck canvas and pieced it together. I sort of just winged the whole thing.

Coffee + work.

I wish I could dye my hair lilac.

I need to see the rest of this car.

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