OMG, I snapped up this t-shirt at TeeFury today so fast. Available for today ONLY in powder blue, turquiose, and slate blue at I LOVE the quotes in glow-in-the-dark ink!!



Merry Christmas Everyone! Time for some awesome #DoctorWho tee and to make 11th’s Regeneration remarkable  Featuring a photochromatic color ink! The Doctor regenerates every time it hits the sun! Now How cool is that? Get them now at

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"Stowaway" is live on Tee Fury!


Captain Jack of Hearts

on TeeFury this Wednesday 11th - HERE

$10 - 24 hours ONLY

They are also offering a limited edition card set if you purchase this along with a reprint of either 9, 10, or 11 in the gallery. I have been waiting for almost a year for them to reprint the 11th of Hearts, I voted in the gallery and waited and waited. I was SO EXCITED when they reprinted it a couple of days ago. I go over to buy it, and you can imagine my crushing disappointment when, instead of printing it on the original royal blue (while 9 was printed on its original black, and 10 printed on its original navy), it was only offered in FUCKING BROWN.

Fuck you, TeeFury.


I Am the Bad Wolf by MeganLara and OmegaMan5000 - August 25th at

Oh, cool! I don’t have enough t-shirts! Oh wait…



Fire is Catching by MeganLara - August 5th at

Also available in black and brown for $11 today only!!

9th/10th/11th of Hearts

9th of Hearts available today only for $11 on!

artwork by winterartwork.

I have serious issues

Wearing my Doctor Who TeeFury shirt at work the last day before my mini vacation (3 days off!).

Just realized I have three Doctor Who shirts in the mail right now. Obviously because I have no self control.

Also I should mention I have the top right one in white already.


And because I don’t have enough Doctor Who t-shirts, I just bought this one on teefury. I plan to dye it light blue.


10th of Hearts by WinterArtwork - Sold on December 12th at

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Soufflé Girl by MeganLara and OmegaMan5000 - Sold on December 2nd at

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Who’s Sweater by Mandrie - Sold on November 22nd at

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ERMAHGERD, KERFER! by powerpig - Sold on November 1st at

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