Reasons why John Green is awesome.

The Doctor is not fond of Twitter.

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Did I squeal loudly from excitement?

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These… These are jokes, right?
… Right? 

What the fuck.

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"Have you heard of this new thing called Instagram? It’s like the Twitter but with just pictures!"

—Overheard at my job


Tweets from kids trying to use Wikipedia for their homework—and failing. SOPA! 

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Am I the only one who remembers having to go to the library and use the ENCYCLOPEDIAS to find shit out? Maybe someone should smack these kids upside the head with a book and point them towards a library so they can actually learn something. WTF.

edit: Also, I love how half of these ask why. THERE’S A FUCKING LINK ON THE MAIN PAGE THAT SAYS “Learn more”. “LEARN? fuck THAT.”


My favorite Tumblr blogs

So, I need more awesome people to follow on both tumblr and twitter. But I thought it would only be fair to share my favorite tumblrs with you. (I’d share my favorite twitterers [tweeters? Twatters?] but I only follow a few and I only have like 12 followers lol.)

sonofafilmgeek - Not only is he awake at a perfect time for my 5am read-a-thon due to being overseas, but his Tumblr is awesome. I pretty much reblog his blog daily.

tashaburnsred - another Tasha! Automatically +100 cool points. Also, she’s adorable and only posts quality stuff.

9Gag - completely funny almost 100% of the time.

quite-adorkable - another cutie-pie, and super smart.

nerdygurl - lots of Doctor Who stuff, plus she shares my Rose & 10 ship.

madreason - you don’t need a reason to follow her, she’s just amazing.

drawthequeen - I don’t watch Supernatural, yet I still feel like I know what’s going on. Her arguments for and against certain characters are also really great to read.

Please shoot me over some blogs to follow in my ask, and feel free to add me on twitter @rusrslythatdumb!

Need more people to follow on Twitter.

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